5 Mind Blowing Scrap Metal Creations

Here at Northside Salvage in Rochester, NY, we are crazy about cars. Why? The obvious reason is because cars are our livelihood, but the other reason is because we make an environmental and economic difference when we salvage vehicles for recyclable parts. Any sustainable effort improves the future of our planet.

Each car that comes to our lot has potential to be salvaged for re-usable parts and for valuable metal reproduction. The cool thing is that scrap metal recycling in Rochester, NY can take on forms beyond just recycled car materials. Below, we share a few incredible examples of novel scrap metal uses. From artwork, to sculptures, and scrap metal news, we hope you are as inspired as we are by these scrap metal initiatives!

A Pile of Scrap
If you wonder what good a pile of trash is, maybe this will change your perspective. This is what happens when one person sees potential in a heap of junk. This careful masterpiece is transforming the way we see scrap. See for yourself!

Transformers that Transform the City
A young man in PODGORICA, Montenegro took scrap from auto parts to a whole other level of awesome. He made Transformer statues with them proving that a little salvaging and innovation can make your childhood heroes come to life. “The towering figures, mostly made of old car parts and other waste, have been placed outside cafes, restaurants and on the city’s main square.” We want to visit each one of these masterpieces.


What Old Farm Metal Is Good For
For a fun show of scrap metal genius, take a look at these sculptures John Lopez makes from, well, scrap metal. Could the sculptures be more accurate? They are all in motion which gives an incredibly powerful look to each image. Lopez crafted powerful, majestic creatures that demand your attention and give scrap metal another purpose.


Turning Scrap Metal into Art
A town in Colby, Kansas proves that everyone can make a difference in the community. This video reveals one Colby woman named Lana Johnson’s, efforts to give back to the community. She is making beautiful creations out of recycled metal to display around the town. She is spreading a unique view of beauty hoping to show that potential exists in every part of the community. Lana is proud of her city and wanted to give it her metal gifts. In return, the city of Colby is inspired by Lana’s sustainable artwork and flaunts it all around the city.

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Winner From The Recycled Arts Festival
This is not just any hand sculpture. It’s special. This hand was created out of thousands of scrap metal pieces. That’s right, thousands. Artist Tom Jackson from Portland had a vision to reuse metal to display a meaningful symbol of care and appreciation. We love how the hand is making a subtle, “I love you” sign in sign language. This sculpture impacted over 900 people at the Recycles Arts Festival in Vancouver.



Whether it is metal fashioned into a symbol of love or a Transformer sculpture that wows onlookers, people can use scrap metal to have new value. The value of metal is endless and the possibilities for creative avenues continually inspire us.

If you have seen or made something awesome out of scrap metal, let us know! We want to share all the possibilities that scrap metal has.

Rochester Salvaging Use and Practice

We know how hard it is to keep an old car running. Rochester, NY weather is just NOT kind to vehicles; only a few winters and your car will begin to confront unkind rust and ware.

You don’t have to go buy brand new parts for each and every car part maintenance. Eco-friendly, budget-conscious individuals like yourself will love the option of car salvaging. Salvage yards are a treasure trove of auto parts and materials for nearly all vehicles.

Read these compiled articles to decide if it’s time to consult your local car salvage yard.

Why Used Auto Parts Are Your Best Bet

These guys did their research and found that price, timing, quality and warranties are all reasons that salvaged car parts can benefit you. Your car is not brand new, so it can relate perfectly to gently used parts. Used car parts at a professional salvage yard, come with a warranty because the salvage yard so values the quality of their auto parts and the happiness of every customer.

While you’re thinking about buying salvaged auto materials, think about what might happen to cars that aren’t salvaged.

Auto Recycling: What Happens to Cars That Aren’t Recycled?

Cars that are not sent to an auto recycling salvage yard end up in landfills. Here are just a few of the many problems with that: soil pollution, water pollution, air pollution. If the engine is not cleaned out before being thrown into a landfill, the grease inside will seep into the soil making it difficult for plants and nature to thrive. Rainfall washes a good amount of this grease into natural bodies of water spreading toxicity. Just the sheer presence of old engines in a landfill causes air pollution because of the various landfill methods and machinery that emit toxic fumes into the air. Cars don’t belong in landfills, they can be cleaned, recycled and salvaged in many useful ways before heading to a landfill. 

Auto Recycling—6 Reasons Why YOU Should Participate in this Eco Movement!

Not convinced yet? Here are 6 solid reasons to salvage your car:

  1. You Help Prevent New, Waste Parts Being Created

  2. You Keep Caustic Fluids Out of our Landfills

  3. You Keep Hundreds of Thousands of Tons of Metal from Being Mined and Milled

  4. You Save Greenhouse Gases

  5. The 80% Rule

  6. It’s Recycling—On Steroids

Salvaging/recycling your car is just plain smart. You are being kind to environment and get to reap the rewards of good air, water, soil and extra cash in your wallet from the price of salvaging your car.

You tell us, does auto salvaging make a difference in your life and community?

I Need to Junk My Car! But to Who in Rochester?

Do you have an old car? Is your valuable space being wasted? Are you sitting back, thinking to yourself, I need to junk my car? Well, good news! Junking your car is a simple process and can bring you instant cash in your pocket. Like they say, one mans trash is another one’s treasure.

I Need to Junk My Car in RochesterIs your car older, or needs many repairs? This is the perfect situation to be in to junk your car for cash! Scrap metal is worth a lot to junk yards because up to 95% of cars can be recycled into scrap metal and can be sold for use again. Meaning, your old piece of metal brings a good price to our salvage yards. There is also a great chance you will be getting more money for your junk car by selling it for cash to a salvage yard, rather than selling it to a dealer. If your car needs new tires or has engine problems, dealers are not going to turn around your car for a small amount of money. Dealerships looked at these cars as “junk”, therefore, you will not be getting much money for your car, if any.

Many people do not think they can get much cash for their junk car, but the truth is the payout can be quite large, which means more money in your pocket! As far as pricing goes for your own junk vehicle, it will vary by different salvage yards. The amount of cash for cars are mainly based on the year, make, and model. The more information you give a salvage yard, such as mileage and if there is any damage to the vehicle, can help them come up the highest and most accurate price possible for you. Mainly, the price for your vehicle depends greatly on its condition. For example, if your car is complete junk and not operating, it then will depend on it’s size and weight, in which the metal can be reused. As a consumer, do your research, get quotes for your junk car at different locations and weigh out your options.

As the largest auto crusher in Rochester, NY, Northside Salvage Yard offers you the highest rates in town for your unwanted vehicle. Get cash for your junk car with same day, free pick-up, and same day cash. It really is that simple! Simply visit call (585) 444-8866 or visit our website at www.iwantscrap.com to answer a few questions about your vehicle and we will send a free quote!

Check This if You Need Junk Car Removal in Rochester, N.Y.?

Have an old junk car sitting around wasting space? Did you know that your junk could turn into cold hard cash in your hands? The process of getting cash for your junk car is pretty simple. Let Rochester Largest Auto Crusher do the work for you today!

Junk Car Removal RochesterAt Northside Salvage Yard, we are Rochester’s Largest Auto Crusher. With three locations in the Rochester and surrounding area, we pay the highest prices in town for your unwanted vehicle while giving fast, free, and friendly pickup service.

We pay competitive prices on all of your automotive scrap including aluminum wheels, catalytic converters, radiators, and more. With such a high volume of cars we also offer a wide variety of new and used auto parts from foreign to domestic, late model to older classics. We test, guarantee, and warranty all our parts to ensure your satisfaction.

Salvaging your car has never been so easy? Why? This is everything we offer to our customers:

  • 24 HR Towing – Anytime, anywhere, we are here for you.

  • Same Day Pickup – You call us, we pickup your vehicle that day.

  • Drop Off or Pickup – We allow you to choose, either drop off your vehicle to us, or we can come to you.

  • No Keys or Title Needed – We strive to make the buying process simple.

  • Radio Dispatched Trucks on Standby – Again, we are here for you!

  • We Buy Old and New Vehicles – The truth is, parts of your vehicle, new or old, can be reused. No matter the year made.

  • Fast Cash For Cars in  Rochester, N.Y. – Because of our size, we are always buying cars. We want your car in exchange for cash, same day, on the spot.

  • Want to donate? We work with the VVA.

Our upgraded  facilities ensure that your vehicle is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way. Interested in doing business with us? We love to take your trash and turn it into your treasure! Give us a call at (585) 444-8866 or visit our website at www.iwantscrap.com.

Where to Find the Best Salvaged Car Parts in Rochester NY

Salvaged car parts are a great way to save money on car repairs, especially for used cars when you might not want to invest in new parts.  You may also need to look for salvaged car parts for older cars or rare cars as their replacement parts are not always easily available at retail stores.  While they can save you money and make car repairs easier, there are also some precautions to consider when shopping for salvaged parts.  Consider some tips on finding the parts you need and why Northside Salvage Yard is your best choice.

How to Find the Best  Salvaged Auto Parts

Be sure you know the specifics about the parts you need before you start searching.  Parts can change one model year to the next, and according to the exact model of your car.  For example, there is a difference between a Mazda Protégé DX and LX.  For parts like tires, you need to know sizes.  Have your car’s make and model and year and all other information on hand before you call for parts.

Once you know all the information about the parts you need, you want to deal only with a reputable salvage yard.  This will be one that doesn’t deal in stolen parts and that keeps their parts organized so they can quickly and easily alert you if they have the parts you need on hand.  Never deal with a salvage yard that doesn’t specifically say they need to see I.D. when picking up junk cars as this can be a bad sign as to their reputation and honesty!  If they’re disorganized with the parts they have, this is also a waste of your time.

Why Northside Salvage Yard

At Northside Salvage Yard we have thousands of parts in stock for you and keep them meticulously organized.  Our parts are handpicked and we offer one of the widest varieties of used parts you’ll find anywhere.  No matter the make or model or year of your vehicle, we are your best choice for the parts you need.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to help you find the parts you need and can answer any questions you have about replacement parts and repairs.  We run our salvage yard like a true business so you know you’ll only be given genuine parts you can rely on.  Northside Salvage is your best choice for salvaged car parts and replacement pieces as well as fast cash for cars.


Understanding Auto Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound in Rochester NY

Before you take your scrap metal into a recycling center you probably wonder how much money you might earn. How valuable is the metal you have to sell? As you go online or start making calls you may get different scrap metal prices from different yards and centers; you will find out that different auto scrap metals are more valuable than others. For instance, an understanding of ferrous versus non-ferrous metals is essential.

If you bring in your scrap metal a week or month after you called around for quotes, the prices may be drastically different already. The scrap metal industry is constantly adjusting. Based on supply and demand, metal values ebb and flow. However, there is one place you can go to for an accurate scrap metal evaluation. Our informed Northside Salvage team is the answer.

Many customers want to know answers to the following questions:

Why does scrap metal price vary? How does this affect the scrap material I want to recycle?

Why Auto Scrap Metal Prices Vary

Supply & Demand….There are several variables that go into determining the price that a scrap yard will pay for materials brought in, but supply from their own customers is probably the most important.

Many scrap yards sell their acquired metal material to manufacturers who then place orders according to their business’ needs.  Manufacturers may need more steel materials during a certain season and then may need more copper metal the next season. It all depends on the products that manufacturers are making and the materials required at that time.

Example 1…new home construction is usually busiest in the spring when people are itching to make home improvements. Conversely, home construction is slowest in the winter when it’s too cold to think about home improvements. Scrap yards may receive more orders for metals during the busy spring months, if their customers are primarily home construction companies. Thus, scrap yards will pay more for the metals that their construction customers need, so as to incentivize patrons to bring more of that metal. If there is a greater demand for that metal, then its value is increased. During the winter months, construction companies metal demands go down with less business, so the prices for those metals lower.

Example 2…for the auto industry, their busy season is opposite from home construction. They have higher production numbers during wintertime and lower production in the summer. The materials needed for  auto repairs will be much different than those needed for home construction. Thus, the metals that are used most in the busy winter for auto industry needs will be worth more money than during the summer season when the auto industry slows down.

Manufacturers cannot always predict their metal needs in advance. So, if new creations come out that require different metals than what was used the previous year, month or week, prices will change. Manufacturer’s products are always changing thus, the desired materials change too. Because of the unpredictable nature of the metal industry, you should call us at (585) 444-8866 the day you want to bring your items in to get an accurate quote or fill out a contact form in advance.

Weighing the Different Scrap Metals Value

Scrap metals, and other materials, vary in price also because different recycled parts are sometimes more valuable than others.

  • For example, if you want to scrap your car, you may get more money for a car that has airbags intact which can be reused. Or a refrigerator with a decent body will be worth more than a highly damaged one.
  • Many old cars (15+ years old) have parts that may not be worth reselling, so they are simply crushed and shredded. So, scrap yards will pay less money for an old car that does not have many re-sellable parts.
  • The cleanliness of your materials should also be taken into consideration.  Clean copper coils bring in more money than used and dirty ones will, because dirty coils require scrap yards to go through an additional process to clean the pieces.


These are just some examples of why the prices for scrap vary so greatly.

It’s not too complicated once you realize the pattern. Different seasons, different metals, different material conditions all determine the value of metals day to day. Supply and demand, and condition are the biggest determiners of material values.

If you have any more questions about scrap metal values, then please give us a call at (585) 444-8866. We will be happy to share our expertise with you and help clear up any questions you may have regarding scrap metal.

How Much Money Can You Get in Rochester NY to Junk a Car?

If you have a car that no longer runs and you cannot sell it to someone else, and aren’t getting fair trade-in offers from car dealers, you may want to consider junking the car.  This means selling it to an auto salvage yard so that they can tear it down and take out useable pieces and parts, and then sell the rest of the car parts for scrap metal and supplies.  How much money can you expect to get in Rochester NY to junk a car this way and what are the advantages?

Getting Estimates

It’s virtually impossible to tell you exactly how much you would get for a junk car because the price may vary according to the car size and weight, its age, its make and model, and many other factors.  Larger cars may fetch a few more dollars because they may have more steel and metal that can be salvaged.  Lightweight cars may have plastic and other pieces that don’t have the same resale value, so they don’t get as much money for the scrap yard.

A salvage yard may also take into consideration the value of the parts that can be taken from the car.  These may include airbags and other valuable pieces.  Foreign cars sometimes get a bit more money because their parts usually sell for more money.  Your best option if you’re thinking of junking a car is to call ahead and ask for an estimate of what you might be paid before you arrange for a pickup.

Advantages to Junking a Car

There are several advantages to junking a car with an auto salvage yard, and the money you receive is just one of them.  A good salvage yard like Northside Salvage Yard will come out and pick up your car so you don’t need to bring it in.  This makes the entire process easier for you, and you can have that junk car out of your yard the same day you call.

Junking a car also means keeping the parts out of landfills.  Cars have toxic oils and chemicals that are released into the environment when their parts break down, but a salvage yard means reusing them instead of just tossing them away.  This can be a great reason to consider junking your car with a resale salvage yard like Northside Salvage Yard.


What Automobile Scrap Metals are Most Valuable in Rochester NY?

Selling auto scrap metal for cash is a fast-growing industry in today’s economy. High demand from overseas has raised the prices paid for scrap metal while the struggling economy has left many people willing to search for new sources of extra income.

Not counting precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, here are some of the most valuable metals to sell for scrap:

  • Copper – One of the most valuable scrap metals, copper is used in an incredible amount of products and industries. It is easily recycled and nothing is lost in the process.
  • Nickel – Pure nickel is even more valuable than copper, but harder to find.
  • Aluminum – This lightweight metal is used in numerous industries and is also 100% recyclable like copper.
  • Cupronickel – This is an alloy of copper and nickel and is similar to what is used to make coins. It is often used for silver plating and is worth more than pure copper.
  • Brass – An alloy of copper and zinc, brass is often used to make musical instruments and decorative items.
  • Carbide – This metal is rarer than copper and much more valuable. It is often found in scratch resistant jewelry and bullets.

Virtually all metal has value and can be recycled. It is possible to find scrap metal all over the place if you learn where to look. For example, old Christmas tree lights contain copper wiring and most appliances contain copper parts. Learn to take things apart to get to the metal components so that you can remove them and sell the metal for cash. Be sure to save old pipes after a remodeling project. They are worth money as well. Don’t forget about the metal on old cars when you are looking for junkyards in Rochester.

You always want to separate your metals to make sure you the correct price for each one. You want to make sure to keep a magnet handy so that you can sort ferrous metals that contain iron from your other more valuable metals.

At Northside Salvage Yard we always pay you top dollar for your scrap metal. Don’t leave that scrap metal in your basement or garage just collecting dust. If you live in the Rochester area, bring your scrap metal to us and leave with cash in your pocket.

The Role of Junk Cars in the Automobile Circle of Life

At Northside Salvage Yard we pay you top dollar for your junk car. As the largest auto crusher in the Rochester area, you can trust us to recycle your car in the correct way. We don’t cut corners, and instead do everything the right way.

Junk Cars Rochester NY

The Role of Junk Cars in the Automobile Circle of Life

If you love your car, you may feel a little guilty about junking it. Don’t worry, by selling your junk automobile to Northside Salvage Yard you are not only ending its suffering, but you are actually helping other cars out there on the road. Depending on where the recycled steel ends up, part of your car could easily live on as part of a brand new vehicle. Plus, not unlike when humans donate organs, your car’s usable parts will be stripped down and used to help another vehicle have a longer, more productive life. With today’s struggling economy, many people rely on quality used parts to fix their vehicles. If it were not for the junk cars that donate those used auto parts, then those people could not afford to fix their cars and would most likely end up out of work.

Furthermore, selling a junk car to Northside Salvage Yard means that the vehicle will be recycled in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws that dictate the disposal of hazardous waste products. That old car will no longer be leaking fluids onto your yard and killing your grass. Instead Northside Salvage will remove all of the car’s fluids at the beginning of the recycling process.

It can be hard to let go of a car you love, even when it no longer functions. However, selling your junk car to Northside Salvage ensures that it has the opportunity to help other vehicles continue to run and to help manufacture new cars. If it is time to say goodbye to your old car, give Northside Salvage a call. We pay top-dollar for junk cars. Afterwards you can reward yourself with something nice or have some fun. Your car would have wanted it that way.

Get Cash for Your Unwanted Car This Spring in Rochester

Get Cash for Your Unwanted Car in Rochester

Get Cash for Your Unwanted Car in Rochester

This spring, declutter your yard or garage by finally getting rid of that old junk car. At one point you planned to fix it up, but now you longer have the interest in spending time or money to get it running again. By selling it to Northside Salvage Yard, not only will you get rid of an eyesore, you will get some cash in your pocket and receive the most cash for your junk car in Rochester.

Maybe you have a car that you have been driving for a while, but things have started to go wrong and you found out that the repairs will cost you much more than the car is worth. Don’t worry, Northside Salvage Yard will take it off your hands and pay you cash on the spot that you can use for another vehicle.

Northside Salvage Yard pays cash 4 cars and we will pay you top dollar for your junk car or truck. You don’t even need keys or a title. We are the largest auto recycler in the Rochester area and you can rest assured that your vehicle will be properly recycled when you sell it to us. We have been in business for over fifty years and we pride ourselves on our excellent service. Our trucks are standing by and if you decide you want cash for your unwanted car, we offer same-day pickup. Best of all, we offer the best pay-outs for unwanted vehicles in the Rochester area.

Our outstanding service and efficiency make the process extremely simple. You can either bring the car to us, or give us a call and we will come to you. We even offer free pickup. It has never been easier to get rid of an unwanted car for extra cash. Give Northside Salvage Yard a call today and turn that unwanted car into cold hard cash.