5 Mind Blowing Scrap Metal Creations

Here at Northside Salvage in Rochester, NY, we are crazy about cars. Why? The obvious reason is because cars are our livelihood, but the other reason is because we make an environmental and economic difference when we salvage vehicles for recyclable parts. Any sustainable effort improves the future of our planet. Each car that comes to our lot has potential to be … Read More

Rochester Salvaging Use and Practice

We know how hard it is to keep an old car running. Rochester, NY weather is just NOT kind to vehicles; only a few winters and your car will begin to confront unkind rust and ware. You don’t have to go buy brand new parts for each and every car part maintenance. Eco-friendly, budget-conscious individuals like yourself will love the … Read More

I Need to Junk My Car! But to Who in Rochester?

Do you have an old car? Is your valuable space being wasted? Are you sitting back, thinking to yourself, I need to junk my car? Well, good news! Junking your car is a simple process and can bring you instant cash in your pocket. Like they say, one mans trash is another one’s treasure. Is your car older, or needs … Read More

Check This if You Need Junk Car Removal in Rochester, N.Y.?

Have an old junk car sitting around wasting space? Did you know that your junk could turn into cold hard cash in your hands? The process of getting cash for your junk car is pretty simple. Let Rochester Largest Auto Crusher do the work for you today! At Northside Salvage Yard, we are Rochester’s Largest Auto Crusher. With three locations … Read More

Where to Find the Best Salvaged Car Parts in Rochester NY

Salvaged car parts are a great way to save money on car repairs, especially for used cars when you might not want to invest in new parts.  You may also need to look for salvaged car parts for older cars or rare cars as their replacement parts are not always easily available at retail stores.  While they can save you … Read More

Understanding Auto Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound in Rochester NY

Before you take your scrap metal into a recycling center you probably wonder how much money you might earn. How valuable is the metal you have to sell? As you go online or start making calls you may get different scrap metal prices from different yards and centers; you will find out that different auto scrap metals are more valuable than others. For instance, … Read More

How Much Money Can You Get in Rochester NY to Junk a Car?

If you have a car that no longer runs and you cannot sell it to someone else, and aren’t getting fair trade-in offers from car dealers, you may want to consider junking the car.  This means selling it to an auto salvage yard so that they can tear it down and take out useable pieces and parts, and then sell … Read More

What Automobile Scrap Metals are Most Valuable in Rochester NY?

Selling auto scrap metal for cash is a fast-growing industry in today’s economy. High demand from overseas has raised the prices paid for scrap metal while the struggling economy has left many people willing to search for new sources of extra income. Not counting precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, here are some of the most valuable metals to sell … Read More

The Role of Junk Cars in the Automobile Circle of Life

At Northside Salvage Yard we pay you top dollar for your junk car. As the largest auto crusher in the Rochester area, you can trust us to recycle your car in the correct way. We don’t cut corners, and instead do everything the right way. If you love your car, you may feel a little guilty about junking it. Don’t … Read More

Get Cash for Your Unwanted Car This Spring in Rochester

This spring, declutter your yard or garage by finally getting rid of that old junk car. At one point you planned to fix it up, but now you longer have the interest in spending time or money to get it running again. By selling it to Northside Salvage Yard, not only will you get rid of an eyesore, you will … Read More