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From Junk to Cash: Proper Classifications of Junkyard Cars

Inevitably, some cars may end up in their terminal phase when they become totally wrecked. Even cars that are destroyed but are still slightly working are better sold off. Often the best solution is to get the saleable auto body parts and scrap the rest for meltdowns or as scrap metal. Car parts are still good business, but there’s heavy work involved.

One of the best ways to measure the remaining value of a junkyard-bound car is to classify it properly according to its deconstruction level and to examine the remaining valuable car parts inside. Take a look at our guide to help you get cash for junk cars:

Classifications of Junkyard Cars

Filed Under: Extensive Damage

Auto salvage yards have different classifications for cars according to their usability. The first two classifications are for cars that are totally wrecked or severely damaged. Most of the material will end up unusable for car parts and are better suited for recycling.

Total wreck cars are filed under Class A, but only for labeling. These cars have zero usability.
Some of them are even more of a liability since it may cost more to ship them and later on process them. An example of these cars is those that got sandwiched between two trucks, rendering them completely unusable, except for scrap or complete metal melting.

Class B cars are not a total wreck, and some internal parts may still be salvageable. Some parts might still have considerable value. The amount of effort in deconstructing these cars is not that extensive, but many parts will end up as scrap metal. 

Moderately Damaged Cars

Cars filed under Class C sustained heavy damage, but for the most part, it still functions and is drivable to a point. There is more possibility of getting more cash for junk cars like these. Due to the level of damage, they may involve heavy work as well. Many of its parts might still be in good shape, but repairing the entire vehicle might be too expensive, depending on the type of damage.

Under Class D are the cars with only slight damage but are mostly sold as an insurance write-off. The car owner often sells it at a much lower value. These cars are still considered second-hand cars, and many auto enthusiasts buy them for repair and restoration projects.

Class X cars are still in good condition with no observable damages. They are the most valuable cars on the roster. These cars are usually stolen, unrecovered, or repossessed vehicles. They are as good as secondhand cars and don’t need any extensive work. Before going through the market for second-hand cars, many people look at these cars for a better deal.

Final Notes

Many cars that end up in the junkyard still have considerable value. Each car is classified according to the criteria above. Others have zero to slight damage and can be sold as second-hand cars that only need minor repair and restoration. Fortunately, you have a lucrative option with junk car buyers.

Have a wrecked car or a slightly damaged car in your garage? Northside Salvage Yard is your go-to shop. We pay cash for junk cars in Rochester, NY. From total wrecks to slightly damaged and still drivable cars, we accept all conditions and classifications. Turn that junk into cash today and call us!

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