Rochester, NY Used Auto Parts For Sale to the Public

Where can you find quality used car parts in Rochester, NY without having to pay a fortune?

Northside Salvage Yard.

Here at Northside Salvage Yard, we sell used car parts that are in excellent condition. We will help you come up with the parts you need from our well-organized, wide selection of used car parts.

Northside Salvage is the Rochester, NY Leading Auto Salvager:

As the largest auto crusher in the Rochester, NY area, we have access to hundreds of auto parts, daily because of the high inventory of cars we receive on a daily bases.. While we cannot guarantee that we have the part you need, it is more than likely we do.

Our thorough process inspects all parts for quality and reliability. This ensures that you choose from only the best used products that come through our yard.

What Rochester Residents can expect from Northside Salvage Used Auto Parts:

  • Organized stock – Not only is our inventory of used tires and other auto parts massive, it’s also well organized in our neat warehouses. Finding what you want shouldn’t be a hassle because our team is organized and efficient.
  • Knowledgeable employees – Our employees know their stuff. If tire shopping isn’t one of your strengths, relax; we can answer ANY questions you might have regarding tires. We help you find the tires that are ideal for your car and your price range. The secret to our success is that our employees love everything that has to do with cars.
  • Refund and exchange policies – Our refund and exchange policies are straightforward and take into account your specific situation.
  • Huge variety of used parts – due to the size of our salvage yard, we have the biggest variety of auto parts in the Rochester area.

Benefits of Northside Salvage Yard Service

  1. You won’t find better service, inventory or savings at any other used auto part seller in Rochester, NY.
  2. Northside Salvage is unique because we offer a wide selection of quality used car parts due to our new inventory traffic.
  3. We are an organized, fast and friendly company who know cars but work to serve people first.
  4. We know that your time and energy is valuable, so you can expect easy and swift interaction with us. Our knowledgeable employees can find you the parts you need and provide you all necessary assistance.

The Northside Reputation Proceeds Us

At Northside Salvage Yard, we have over 50 years of experience in the industry from which we have gleaned the best possible business methods. We practice our knowledge and experience to provide you with the best condition, used car parts available at competitive prices.

If you aren’t convinced that buying used parts is just as good as buying new, come visit us to see firsthand. We will be happy to explain why used parts can be as beneficial as new auto parts. Contact us today for more information about our used car parts Rochester NY.

For more information about our extensive auto part inventory, search our form above, fill out our contact form, or give us a call at (585) 444-8866. We look forward to doing business with you.