Used Auto Car Parts For Sale in The Rochester, NY Area

You can save a fortune on fixing your vehicle, if you use used car parts Rochester NY. Here at Northside Salvage Yard, we sell used car parts for your vehicle that are in excellent condition. We have a multitude of parts available and will help you come up with the parts you need.

As the largest auto crusher in the area, we have access to hundreds of parts daily. While we cannot guarantee that we have the part you need, chances are good that we will. We inspect all parts for quality and reliability.

Fix Your Car Cheap with Used Car Parts Rochester NY

You cannot determine if a part is good unless you check it out thoroughly. Even so, there is the slight chance that a part will not work as you need it to. Therefore make sure you purchase a reliable car part.

Benefits of Buying Our Used Car Parts in Rochester, NY Area

We offer many benefits to our customers.

  • Organized stock
  • Knowledgeable employees
  • Refund and exchange policies
  • Huge variety of used parts

You won’t find these benefits with many of the other used parts companies in the area. Our company is unique in that we offer a wide selection of car parts, but stay organized for fast and friendly service. Our knowledgeable employees can easily help you find the parts you need and provide assistance or advice as necessary.

Why Choose Northside Salvage Yard?

At Northside Salvage Yard, we have years of experience in the industry. That experience has taught us the best practices of doing business. We use that knowledge and experience to provide you with the best condition used car parts, available at competitive prices.

If you aren’t convinced that buying used parts is just as good as buying new, come visit us for more information. We will be happy to explain why used parts can be as beneficial as new parts. They are even more so because they come at a fraction of the cost. Contact us today for more information about our used car parts Rochester NY.

Northside Salvage has a large inventory of used car parts for sale in Rochester, NY. If you are looking for it there is a great chance we have it. Search our form above or give us a call, (585) 444-8866. We look forward to doing business with you.