Rochester NY Auto Salvage FAQs

Why Salvage my car?

There are a number of reason why you could salvage your car. Many of our customers do so to avoid sending it to landfills where it will take up space and the liquids will drain out to pollute the ground and air. There is peace of mind that comes with knowing that you did the right thing for the environment. We make it easy for you too! All you have to do is give us a call and we have your junk car removed in no time. Another reason our customers sell their car to us is because we pay cash on the spot. We leave our customers happier and wealthier than any other salvager in the greater Rochester area..

How much will I get for my car?

The price we pay for you car is based on the price of metals in the area. We pay by the weight. scrap metal prices per ton fluctuates depending on the industry’s condition. Rochester and the north east probably have the highest scrap metal prices than the rest of the country; that makes us and our customers happy.

What do you do with the cars once I’ve sold it to you?

We take the junk cars to our shop and lift them up so that we can disassemble the valuable parts. First, we pull out the motor, transmission, gas tank and take the tires off. Next, we drain the fluids, like anti freeze and oil so that nothing spills out while it’s in the crusher. Finally, once the salvageable parts have been removed we load the vehicle onto the crusher, break the windows, and crush it flat. We can crush up to four vehicles in a stack. Finally, we stack the crushed cars on our flat bed trucks and send the load to a local metal shredder. Then the shredded material can be melted down and reused in manufacturing.

What parts on my junk car are most valuable?

The higher valued parts on a car are the catalytic converter, battery, radiator, and sometimes the wheels if they are aluminum.

How long will it take to salvage my car?

The process takes no time because we are the fastest and largest auto salvagers in Rochester. We can receive a call, pick up the car, dismantle the parts, and crush it all within a couple of hours.

What things do I need in order to sell you my car?

You will need the title for the vehicle, because we need to make sure it’s not stolen. It helps if you have your registration and license as well.

Can I salvage a car without the title?

You can, but you will need your registration and drivers license in order to apply for a salvage title.

How do your prices compare to other salvage yards in Rochester?

We pay competitive prices and match the price of any other yard. If you tell us a quote you received from some other yard, we will beat it. That’s how much we want your vehicle. Give us the opportunity to provide you unmatched service.

Do I have to tow the car to you?

Certainly not. We offer free towing services to all customers.

Do you pay less for my car if you tow it?

No, the towing service is free, and will not impact the price we offer for your car. Our prices are determined solely on the value and weight of your vehicle.

What will get me more money for my vehicle?

We keep our prices as fair as possible. The value of a vehicle may be higher if it is still drivable, but condition does have a factor. We pay well for good tires, low milage engines and transmissions, newer cars, and newer parts.

How long will it take for you to pick up my car?

Once you have called, we can get the vehicle in an hour most days. We have a large number of employees and trucks, so we stay busy and keep you from having to wait to sell your car. It’s our mission to accommodate you to the fullest.

Can I get an online quote for my junk car?

You can request a quote online and we will call you or email you back immediately with a quote.

How do you determine the value of my car?

We factor in the vehicle’s age, the age and condition of the parts, and whether it is in working condition or not.

What used parts do you sell?

We sell every part that has to do with automobiles. We have all the parts carefully inventoried and catalogued for easy access. Our used car parts warehouse is huge. We have headlights, tail lights, wheels, engines, mirrors, mats, tires, doors and much more.

How do I know your used car parts are good?

We do our best to check that the parts are in excellent condition when the car is on the lift being disassembled. Each part is tested and sorted. We take whatever parts have not been damaged by a car wreck or age; so, we take whatever we can on cars with good front end parts, back end parts, and motor transmissions etc. We’ve learned how to evaluate what parts are damaged and what ones can be used. About 10% of the cars we buy are in good enough condition to strip for parts.

Our used parts inventory is all categorized with tags on them. Each tag has a bar code telling us the stock number, the year etc so that we can tell you everything you need to know about the part you are purchasing.

Can I purchase the used car parts online?

You can’t purchase online but can search our inventory through our used parts finder.

What does auto crushing look like?