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Northside Auto Salvage Makes Its Used Auto Parts Accessible to Everyone in the U.S.

Rochester, N.Y.-based automobile salvaging yard and recycler Northside Auto Salvage launched an e-commerce store for its used auto parts and tires. People from all over the continental U.S. may now browse and order from the company’s online inventory.

[11/25/2021, New York] – Northside Auto Salvage, the largest junk automobile salvage yard and recycler in Rochester, N.Y., announced the launch of its online store for used auto parts. The company’s e-commerce shop is open to anyone in the continental U.S.

Before this announcement, interested customers could only search for used car parts through the company’s used parts finder on its website. The purchase itself was still conducted in person by visiting any of Northside Auto Salvage’s three physical stores.

Now, customers can browse through the company’s extensive inventory of used auto body parts and purchase them directly online. As part of the company’s commitment to making its products more easily available, it also offers free shipping on all used auto parts purchases.

Expanding the Business Through E-commerce

Northside Auto Salvage has been serving the residents of Rochester, N.Y., and its surrounding areas since around the 1950s.

Northside Auto Salvage plans to serve more people in need of high-quality yet affordable used auto parts via its online expansion. The online expansion is meant to supplement the company’s in-person sales with online or digital ones, rather than fully replace them.

The shift towards improving the company’s online operations is also a timely one. More and more businesses have been expanding their e-commerce activities due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Online shopping experienced a definite spike over the past year as cities and states implemented lockdowns. As the COVID-19 rates in the state of New York start exhibiting an upward trend as the holiday season approaches, e-commerce options become more relevant and important.

Through its online store, Northside Auto Salvage hopes not only to meet new customers but also to reach any regulars who have been unable to visit its locations in person.

Vehicles for Cash Limited to Rochester for Now

Customers are advised that only the sale of old, salvaged car parts and tires is available to people from outside Rochester, N.Y., the same does not apply to those interested in selling their junk cars.

Northside Auto Salvage does not yet have any plans to expand its automobile salvaging and recycling business beyond the Greater Rochester area. It only accepts junk vehicles from its physical establishments in East Rochester, Clifton Springs, and Geneva, N.Y.

However, the interested junk car owners may request online quotations through the company’s website. Northside Auto Salvage also provides free towing or pickup service for sold cars.

About Northside Auto Salvage

Northside Auto Salvage is a vehicle salvage yard based in Rochester, NY. The company has grown to become the largest automobile recycler in Greater Rochester since its establishment five decades ago. 

For the past three generations, the family-run business has accepted all types of vehicles for salvaging, crushing, and recycling. All used auto parts and tires in good condition are available for purchase through the company’s online and physical stores. 

Northside Auto Salvage operates three facilities: Northside Salvage Yard in East Rochester, NY; J & J Auto in Clifton Springs, NY; and #1 Auto in Geneva, NY. 

For more information, inquiries, or a quick quotation, please visit www.iwantscrap.com.

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