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What to Know About Salvage Title Cars and Selling Them

When it comes time to finally sell your car, you’re hoping to get a good deal from them. Some often find it a breeze, especially if their vehicle is still in good shape and there’s someone in their local area who wants one. However, it’s a different story when it comes to cars that have some hefty damage on them. 

There are several titles to describe cars that have been inflicted with lots of damage. One of the most common ones is the junk title, which usually accounts for a bit of damage. A step further into the scale would be the salvage title. If you’re unsure about what it means for vehicles to have the salvage title and you want to learn more, continue reading.

Salvage Cars Definition

Salvage title cars, or salvage cars, are usually vehicles that have suffered major damage. It’s different from junk cars, which would still have the option of repair. Most states dub automobiles with the salvage title if their exterior and interior are 75% damaged, believing the entire thing is beyond repair. Once a car is given the salvage title, it retains it for life.

Here are some of the common ways that a car earns a salvage title:

  • Insurance Denial. One of the top reasons that a salvage car gets called as such is because insurance companies deny insuring them. It may be due to the damaged condition or the sketchy background for how the car of that stature was ever attained in the first place. There could be suspicion that it was stolen.
  • Weather Damage. Certain weather disasters like a hailstorm or typhoon can cause intense damage that leaves a vehicle practically useless for all time. In those cases, it would be left with a salvage title.
  • Vandalism. If someone had vandalized and destroyed a vehicle beyond repair, it’s likely to get branded with the salvage title. There can be vandalism cases wherein the spray paint can be removed, and the damage may be irreversible.
  • Collision. The most instantaneous way for a car to bear damage is in a collision. If the vehicle had gotten into a multi-car crash where it’s rendered unsalvageable, that’s usually why it holds the car title it’s given.

Salvage Cars Options

Cars aren’t allowed to be repaired once they’re officially branded the salvage title. In those cases, your two main options are to either sell the vehicle or have it destroyed in a junkyard. Of course, it’d be wiser to go for the first option before so that you can get some compensation.

Most people may choose to sell the car for parts separately, but it can be quite the hassle, and you run the risk of having to deal with scraps. It would be ideal to find a deal where you can get rid of the car as a whole while getting the payment you deserve.

Salvage Cars Value

Some people may try to short sell you for the car or car parts they’re trying to get off of you, especially with a clean title. Salvage cars are a different story though, with most people a little more wary of buying them as they may not get anything from them.

Your best bet would be to go to a salvage yard and see how much you can get. They can take the whole salvage car, scraps and all. Just share the details, and you should be able to get a well-rounded estimate for it. 


In summary, salvage cars are vehicles that have been severely damaged beyond repair and use. The condition it’s in leaves the original owner with the option of either destroying it or selling it for the value that it still retains.

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