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Finding Junkyards that Can Buy Your Car without the Title

Owning an old car that has been sitting in the backyard for years is a hassle to sell or just dispose of. Maybe it can’t be salvaged anymore, and its only redeeming qualities are its spare parts. If that’s the case, then off to the junkyard it goes! Maybe they can find a way to get it working again, maybe they’ll chop away it for parts. Whatever their decision, it’s not your problem anymore.

What happens when you can’t find the title? Can’t you sell the car then? Fortunately, some junkyards will still buy a car even without a title. There are also other ways you can get a copy of essential documents like asking your bank if you still have debt on it or the DMV where you can apply for a duplicate loan.

If this process is too much work for you and you’re in a hurry to get rid of your car, the suggestions below will help you do it quickly.

Ask for the Legality of Selling a Car Without a Title in Your State 

If your car still runs, you really need a replacement title if you want to get more cash over selling it for scrap. Your state might also require you to have the title before selling a still functioning vehicle. So ask your local government about the laws regarding this matter.

If you’re okay with selling it as scrap,  you might not need the title. To be sure, check with a junkyard whether it’s allowed in your state.

Search for a Junkyard Near You 

Searching for a reputable junkyard in our area is easy. You can find all the information you need on Google—services, phone numbers, rates, shop hours, and reviews. Pay attention to customer reviews because they serve as your “word of mouth” online. It may take you some time to fact-check the car junkyard near you and confirm if their services include buying junk cars without a title. So be patient and search some more if you don’t find one right away.

Ask about the Process and Follow It Carefully

When you find the most suitable junkyard for your case, ask them about their buying process immediately. Because there’s no title, they may ask for other documents to prove your ownership instead. They might as you to verify your identity and provide an official ID. 

Determine What Other Documentation Is Need

The junkyard may ask for other documents to verify your ownership, including the car’s current registration, your insurance card, and your driver’s license. Shops that operate legally usually have these protocols, making sure you’re the legal owner before buying the vehicle. If the junkyard you chose is too lenient with its requirements, you might want to look for another, less shady shop.


Whether your goal is to get extra cash or just get rid of a scrap car on your property, the junkyard near you can make that happen. Prepare all the documents you think the shop will ask you so that there won’t be any confusion. 

If you’re looking for reputable auto junk yards in Rochester, New York, Northside Salvage Yard should be at the top of your list. We are locally owned and family operated for more than 50 years in the Rochester community. Book an appointment today!

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