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Wrecked and Totaled Cars: What to Do and Where to Sell Them

where to sell totaled car

A car that has gone through a serious crash will never get out of it unscathed. As you may not have any more use for a severely damaged vehicle, the next best option is to sell it. But since the car is totaled, it may be difficult to find someone willing to buy it from you.

If you are not yet ready to send your precious vehicle to recycling, here are some tips you can do to sell your totaled car.

First, Determine If the Car Is Legitimately Totaled

A lot of people assume that totaled cars are those which are not drivable or functional anymore. However, insurance companies define totaled cars as vehicles that need fixes worth more than their original cost. Therefore, it is not only the issue of being drivable or not. There are other damages, some even not physically seen, that may contribute to a vehicle being branded as totaled.

So, to start, determine the car’s damage level before considering it totaled. Then, salvage it.

The manufacturer will salvage the vehicle themselves if you sell it to them. You can also go through the vehicle salvaging process yourself or ask for help from auto salvage yards. You can get a salvage certificate once the car is salvaged by going to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Once your car is totaled, it does not matter whether it is brand new or not—it will still be considered a salvaged car. 

You can coordinate with your DMV office to ask for the requirements needed to get a salvage certificate, as well as confirm with them that your car is qualified for it. Fill out the application form and submit it along with your payment.

If you want to sell your totaled car, here are some options available to you:

1. Private Entities

Frankly, this is not the easiest nor the most advisable option. People will always be skeptical about totaled cars because they worry about the extent of the damage they sustained. After all, there will likely be little to no function left after a car has been totaled. Moreover, insurance costs are increased when cars have salvage titles, so it seems like a big hassle.

2. Dealerships 

Car dealerships deal with totaled cars regularly, so they will not be that hesitant to buy yours. They have multiple purposes for these totaled cars, such as auctions, resale, or selling of used car parts. Contact the nearest dealership to see if they can give you an offer.

3. Scrap Yards

Here’s one easy way to sell your totaled car. All you have to do is head to your local junkyard and scrap the whole car. You likely will not make as much money as you hoped, but you can get a decent amount for the metal and any remaining usable parts.

To scrap your totaled car, you should show proof of title and registration as well as the salvage certificate. This document will let the scrap yard know that the car is legitimately yours to sell.

Final Thoughts

A totaled car may have gone through extreme situations, but you can still make some money out of it. You can acquire a salvage certificate and sell the metal components or vehicle parts to get some funds to use towards a new vehicle or your other expenses.
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