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We know how hard it is to keep an old car running. Rochester, NY weather is just NOT kind to vehicles; only a few winters and your car will begin to confront unkind rust and ware.

You don’t have to go buy brand new parts for each and every car part maintenance. Eco-friendly, budget-conscious individuals like yourself will love the option of car salvaging. Salvage yards are a treasure trove of auto parts and materials for nearly all vehicles.

Read these compiled articles to decide if it’s time to consult your local car salvage yard.

Why Used Auto Parts Are Your Best Bet

These guys did their research and found that price, timing, quality and warranties are all reasons that salvaged car parts can benefit you. Your car is not brand new, so it can relate perfectly to gently used parts. Used car parts at a professional salvage yard, come with a warranty because the salvage yard so values the quality of their auto parts and the happiness of every customer.

While you’re thinking about buying salvaged auto materials, think about what might happen to cars that aren’t salvaged.

Auto Recycling: What Happens to Cars That Aren’t Recycled?

Cars that are not sent to an auto recycling salvage yard end up in landfills. Here are just a few of the many problems with that: soil pollution, water pollution, air pollution. If the engine is not cleaned out before being thrown into a landfill, the grease inside will seep into the soil making it difficult for plants and nature to thrive. Rainfall washes a good amount of this grease into natural bodies of water spreading toxicity. Just the sheer presence of old engines in a landfill causes air pollution because of the various landfill methods and machinery that emit toxic fumes into the air. Cars don’t belong in landfills, they can be cleaned, recycled and salvaged in many useful ways before heading to a landfill. 

Auto Recycling—6 Reasons Why YOU Should Participate in this Eco Movement!

Not convinced yet? Here are 6 solid reasons to salvage your car:

  1. You Help Prevent New, Waste Parts Being Created

  2. You Keep Caustic Fluids Out of our Landfills

  3. You Keep Hundreds of Thousands of Tons of Metal from Being Mined and Milled

  4. You Save Greenhouse Gases

  5. The 80% Rule

  6. It’s Recycling—On Steroids

Salvaging/recycling your car is just plain smart. You are being kind to environment and get to reap the rewards of good air, water, soil and extra cash in your wallet from the price of salvaging your car.

You tell us, does auto salvaging make a difference in your life and community?

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