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Proper Way to Recycle a Car in Rochester NY

Have you ever wondered what happens to a “junk” automobile that has reached the end of its life? The State of New York has very strict requirements for businesses that recycle automobiles at the end of their life. As one of the top automobile recyclers in the state, Northside Salvage Yard is committed to following the state and federal laws for automobile recycling in order to protect environment as much as possible, while offering a valuable service to the community.

When vehicles arrive at Northside Salvage Yard they are inspected to make sure that hazardous fluids are not leaking onto the ground, where they can contaminate the soil and eventually the groundwater. In accordance with state law, fluids are removed and properly disposed of in order to decontaminate the car.  Oil is recycled, although businesses are allowed to use reclaimed oil as a heating source. Gasoline is usually used in on-site vehicles, although it can be given to employees or customers. It is against the law to sell gasoline that has been reclaimed from a vehicle. Windshield wiper fluid is usually disposed of, although state law does allow it to be sold, unlike gasoline. Other fluids to be removed include transmission fluid, axle fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. All fluids must be drained on a concrete pad to prohibit them leaking into the groundwater.

After the fluids are drained, any usable parts or recyclable materials are pulled out, for example lead acid batteries. Mercury switches are also removed and recycled in accordance with the National Vehicle Mercury Switch Recovery Program that was established in 2006. Federal law requires that auto refrigerants are to be collected and then either reclaimed or recycled. Oil filters also have to be removed and either recycled or destroyed.  Finally, airbags must be deployed and removed in accordance with state law. New York is actually the only state where it is illegal to sell airbags on the secondary market.

After the fluids and other recyclable materials are removed, the car is scrapped, which is another way to say it is crushed. After all of that, the crushed car is sent to the shredder, also referred to as the recycler. Later on, the recycled car will be back on the market as part of a new car, washing machine, or other piece of steel equipment.

Northside Salvage is Rochester’s largest automobile crusher enabling us to pay the most cash 4 cars Rochester, NY.  Not only do we recycle more vehicles than anyone else, we also pay the highest prices in the area for unwanted vehicles. We have worked hard to upgrade our facilities to ensure that vehicles at the end of their life are disposed of in ways that are as environmentally friendly as possible. If you have a vehicle that is at the end of its life, give Northside Salvage Yard a call today.

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