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Auto Parts Rochester NY

Auto Parts Rochester NY – High Quality Used Auto Parts

When a part goes bad on your vehicle do you immediately take it to the dealer or a shop for expensive repairs?

Maybe you like knowing that professionals will fix your car; you are hoping that their work restores your vehicle to near-newness. Sure, new car parts will probably fix what went wrong with your vehicle sufficiently, but did you know that used auto parts do the job equally well? You can save money and receive satisfactory repair without busting open the piggy bank when you buy used car parts from Northside Salvage Yard.

Avoid paying astronomical prices for new parts for your not as new vehicle. If the car is not brand new, why should the part replacements be brand new? A lightly used, good quality auto part will work splendidly.

Rochester NY Used Car Part Dealers vs. Salvage Yard

Some people prefer to get used parts on their own rather than from a salvage yard. But, this is no easy task.

If you plan on buying used car parts on your own, you must first find a used car dealer who can walk you through the process of searching for parts. Once you have identified a dealer whom you trust, you must also learn how to do the necessary research to find high quality, auto car parts. This takes time and may not lend you the results when you need them.

Cars don’t break down conveniently. Automobiles are unpredictable, but that’s why Northside salvage yard is in business. We can turn inconveniences into conveniences. We know we can, as the largest auto salvager and crusher in Rochester, NY we can almost guarantee you used parts that you need most when your car breaks down. Whether you are looking for tires have you considered getting used tires Rochester NY winters won’t harm? Many cars that we receive still have excellent tread on their tires.

Save on Repair Costs With Used Auto Parts in Rochester New York

You can save hundreds of dollars on your car repairs by opting to purchase used auto parts instead of buying new. Here are the benefits of used parts:

  • Get the same, quality part with a lower price tag
  • Use a local company with fast service, so you do not have to pay high shipping costs and wait for days to receive your part and start repairing your vehicle
  • Avoid paying overpriced dealer’s fees that rack up when you repair your car at a shop or a dealership that only wants your money

Whether you plan on taking your car to a licensed repair shop or you plan to finish the job yourself, you will save a high percentage of money when you purchase used car parts from your friends at Northside. Our extensive inventory will not let you down and neither will our knowledgable staff. It’s about the time for you to get high quality auto parts, promote re-use instead of buying new. Not only is this an economical choice, but buying used auto parts from us reduces waste, supports a local business and increases the life of your vehicle with equal benefit to used parts.

Finding The Right Auto Parts For Your Repair

You already know that you will save 40-70% by buying used car parts. But you can only buy used parts if you find the right ones for the make and model of your vehicle. Some vehicles are tricky to fund parts for! How can you know Northside will provide you the right parts for your car?

  • Check your vehicle model and year to make sure you know what requirements are necessary for the part you need
  • Talk to a representative from our used car part center to make sure you are investing in a part that is worthwhile. You can call our shop at (585) 381-9667 before you come in to insure that we have the part you’re looking for.
  • If a certain year of your car’s same make has historically provided defective parts, be sure to avoid buying parts from that year. Our auto professionals can assist you in buying a favorable car part.

If you are unfamiliar with car repair, you want to work closely with an individual who can help you find the right materials to finish the job. Northside salvage might have everything that you need for a repair or two, Just research in advance what materials your repair requires. You may need to have someone look at your car to insure that you are purchasing everything you need to finish the job on your own.

Finishing the Repair Job with Rochester NY Used Parts for Car

Once you get the parts you need, determine the best way to install them in your vehicle so you can get back on the road.

  • Can you install the part yourself or do you need assistance?
  • Experts in car repair can install most parts themselves in their home workshop, but not everyone can. Maybe a handy-man friend can do it for you.
  • Ask your car mechanic if they will perform car repairs for you if you supply the parts. some mechanics will allow you to buy used parts and just pay them for the labor costs.
  • Let us take any old car parts off your hands – sell the scrap metal to us and we will pay you cash on the spot.

When you are looking for used auto parts in Rochester NY, work with a reputable dealer that can provide you with high quality parts at a fair price.  Why pay full price for auto parts?

If it’s time to avoid high costs on auto repairs, you know who to call. Northside Salvage Yard is Rochester, NYs leading auto crusher and we have been for 50 plus years. We know cars, and can help you find used car parts to replace the damaged ones in no time. Give us a call at (585) 381-9667 or fill out our contact form today.

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