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What Automobile Scrap Metals are Most Valuable in Rochester NY?

Selling auto scrap metal for cash is a fast-growing industry in today’s economy. High demand from overseas has raised the prices paid for scrap metal while the struggling economy has left many people willing to search for new sources of extra income.

Not counting precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, here are some of the most valuable metals to sell for scrap:

  • Copper – One of the most valuable scrap metals, copper is used in an incredible amount of products and industries. It is easily recycled and nothing is lost in the process.
  • Nickel – Pure nickel is even more valuable than copper, but harder to find.
  • Aluminum – This lightweight metal is used in numerous industries and is also 100% recyclable like copper.
  • Cupronickel – This is an alloy of copper and nickel and is similar to what is used to make coins. It is often used for silver plating and is worth more than pure copper.
  • Brass – An alloy of copper and zinc, brass is often used to make musical instruments and decorative items.
  • Carbide – This metal is rarer than copper and much more valuable. It is often found in scratch resistant jewelry and bullets.

Virtually all metal has value and can be recycled. It is possible to find scrap metal all over the place if you learn where to look. For example, old Christmas tree lights contain copper wiring and most appliances contain copper parts. Learn to take things apart to get to the metal components so that you can remove them and sell the metal for cash. Be sure to save old pipes after a remodeling project. They are worth money as well. Don’t forget about the metal on old cars when you are looking for junkyards in Rochester.

You always want to separate your metals to make sure you the correct price for each one. You want to make sure to keep a magnet handy so that you can sort ferrous metals that contain iron from your other more valuable metals.

At Northside Salvage Yard we always pay you top dollar for your scrap metal. Don’t leave that scrap metal in your basement or garage just collecting dust. If you live in the Rochester area, bring your scrap metal to us and leave with cash in your pocket.

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