Vietnam Veterans of America

Northside Salvage Yard Partners with Vietnam Veterans of America Ch 20 in Rochester, NY

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 20 Rochester NY

Want to donate your Rochester, NY junk car for a good cause?

Northside Salvage Yard can help your junk car donation find a good cause.

Northside Salvage Yard recently partnered with the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 20 Rochester, NY, the largest, longest standing, most active chapter of the national Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. Northside Salvage Yard chose to partner with The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 20 because we recognize the not-for-profit’s superior service and outstanding mission.

The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 20 mission is the following:

maintaining a strong, united voice for resolving issues of vital importance to all Vietnam-era veterans — locally, statewide, and nationally. We also provide a positive local forum for social and emotional interaction among Chapter 20 members.

We wish to support the VOA and recognize their service to each and every generation that is to follow. Veterans of America are a strong symbol of the integrity and honesty that has defined this country so prominently. Northside Salvage yard wishes to assist the VOA to sustain their strong voices, and resolve issues.

Help Financially Support the VVA – Rochester, NY Scrap Metal Percentage Can Go to Them

If you would like to have the proceeds of your donated vehicle to go directly to the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 20 Rochester, NY division simply say so when requesting a quote or just let us know anytime throughout the process. Whether it is in person, over the phone, or via the website, you can let us know that you plan to assist The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 20 at any point along the way and we will eagerly provide that.

Whether you have auto parts Penfield, NY area or auto parts Henrietta, NY or Greece, NY. You can support the Rochester area VVA with your donation regardless of whether you live directly in Rochester, NY or not.

Your Donations Matter

Your donation can help to serve Vietnam Veterans in Rochester NY and give them the community support, resources, and accommodations that improves each veteran’s quality of life. They have served us honorably, let us now serve them in some small way.

Did you know that there are approximately 27,000 veterans in the greater Rochester area who qualify for membership in chapter 20? They just may not know it. The donated money from the junked cars will promote The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 20 Rochester NY division. It will give them the recognition they need to reach many more individuals with their good work.

Northside Salvage Yard’s Affiliate’s J and J Auto and #1 Auto Parts will also participate in this partnership as well! Contact any one of our locations today and donate the proceeds of your junked car to the outstanding and honorable Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 20 Rochester, NY.

Turn junk into opportunity for many.

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