Used Auto Parts Brockport NY

Used Auto Parts for Sale to the Brockport, NY Area

Used Auto Parts in Brockport NYJust a short drive from Brockport, NY, Northside Salvage Yard has a huge inventory of used auto parts for Brockport, NY.  Located in East Rochester, we are the areas largest auto crusher which allows for our huge used car parts inventory.  Feel free to give us a call or used our parts finder to search for the part you are in need of.

Northside Salvage Yard has been serving the Monroe County area for many years.  Located in East Rochester on West Linden Avenue, we most likely have the used car part you are looking for.

Huge Inventory of Used Auto Parts for Brockport, NY Vehicle Owners

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COVID-19 Limitations

In order to maintain the safety of our customers and our staff, some services have been temporarily suspended.

We are still purchasing vehicles!

Call us or fill out this form to sell a vehicle.

For all other services, please call or text us to confirm service availability.