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5 Things You Must Do Before Selling Your Junk Car

selling your junk car

What happens when a car gets too expensive to fix or too costly to maintain? For many, they send that car to a junkyard. From there, it can go to many places, such as someone else who may be interested in purchasing the junk car or selling it to a recycling business. However, there is such a thing as junking the vehicle the right and wrong way. 

In this article, we’ll share with you essential tips you must follow to make the most out of the car you are about to junk:

1. Take Out the License Plate

Why should you bother removing the license plate? Is it worth anything? Actually, it can save you a lot of headaches. When trying to cancel your title to the car, the local DMV may ask that you bring along the vehicle’s license plate. 

If you are unsure, contact your local DMV and inquire about the situation. In most cases, however, many buyers will ask that you remove the license plates, so it will be something you may already be doing regardless of the DMV’s requirements.

2. Cancel the Insurance Policy

In the excitement of finally selling your junk car, you may have completely forgotten to cancel the insurance policy up until you are billed. As such, when you are trying to sell your junk car, contact your agent about the situation with the vehicle.

Let them know that you no longer require coverage on the car. This way, you can avoid making recurring payments on a policy that no longer benefits you.

3. Remove the Valuable Pieces

One reason people love buying junk cars is that they can strip them for valuable parts to sell. This includes the wheels, batteries, stereo systems, alternators, and even seats. Something you can also do when selling your junk car is to take these valuable pieces out and sell them individually. 

While this is an added effort on your end, you can make a lot more money selling your car in pieces rather than the whole thing at once. Consider doing this if you want to maximize your earnings.

4. Get a Quote on Your Junk Car

When selling your junk car, it is a smart idea to get a quote on it no matter how many sellers are interested in your vehicle. In most cases, the buyer will ask various questions about the car, such as its condition, model, age, and the like. Be sure to be familiar with these things and be ready with the answers. Get a quote from Northside Salvage right now!

5. Check For Personal Belongings

The last thing you want to happen when selling your car is realizing you left something important in it, such as your office keys, credit cards, or anything else. To avoid such headaches, scour the car first for any of your personal belongings. Even in places, you think there isn’t anything, check there! 


Apart from the tips we’ve already shared, there are many more, such as completing your paperwork, researching car prices, understanding the weight scale, among others. These tips will help you maximize your earnings from selling your junk car and help make the experience a much smoother and more enjoyable one! 

That said, always be sure to sell to trustworthy buyers. They will provide you the best quotes you can find, leaving you with plenty of money to work with free from the car that has burdened you.

Northside Salvage Yard is a locally operated junkyard offering the best prices for junk cars paired with fast, free, and friendly pickup service. If you are looking for car junkyards in Rochester, contact us today!

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