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How Much Money Can You Get in Rochester NY to Junk a Car?

If you have a car that no longer runs and you cannot sell it to someone else, and aren’t getting fair trade-in offers from car dealers, you may want to consider junking the car.  This means selling it to an auto salvage yard so that they can tear it down and take out useable pieces and parts, and then sell the rest of the car parts for scrap metal and supplies.  How much money can you expect to get in Rochester NY to junk a car this way and what are the advantages?

Getting Estimates

It’s virtually impossible to tell you exactly how much you would get for a junk car because the price may vary according to the car size and weight, its age, its make and model, and many other factors.  Larger cars may fetch a few more dollars because they may have more steel and metal that can be salvaged.  Lightweight cars may have plastic and other pieces that don’t have the same resale value, so they don’t get as much money for the scrap yard.

A salvage yard may also take into consideration the value of the parts that can be taken from the car.  These may include airbags and other valuable pieces.  Foreign cars sometimes get a bit more money because their parts usually sell for more money.  Your best option if you’re thinking of junking a car is to call ahead and ask for an estimate of what you might be paid before you arrange for a pickup.

Advantages to Junking a Car

There are several advantages to junking a car with an auto salvage yard, and the money you receive is just one of them.  A good salvage yard like Northside Salvage Yard will come out and pick up your car so you don’t need to bring it in.  This makes the entire process easier for you, and you can have that junk car out of your yard the same day you call.

Junking a car also means keeping the parts out of landfills.  Cars have toxic oils and chemicals that are released into the environment when their parts break down, but a salvage yard means reusing them instead of just tossing them away.  This can be a great reason to consider junking your car with a resale salvage yard like Northside Salvage Yard.


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