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How To Get The Most Cash For Junk Cars in Rochester, NY

cash for junk cars rochester ny

Do you have a junker sitting in your garage? Maybe even your backyard? It’s probably still sitting there because you think it’s worthless and don’t know what to do with it.

Do you live in the general Rochester area? If so, you’re in luck.

Here’s the good news: that old car you have could be worth money! The real question is how much. Keep reading for tips on how to get the most cash for junk cars in Rochester, New York.

1. Educate Yourself on Current Scrap Prices

It’s important for you to understand (at least slightly) the scrapyard business before you attempt to sell your junk car. Not all scrapyards or junkyards are created equal.

Yes, places exist that will buy your junk car. But the reasons for those purchase vary, which means the offers will vary!

Scrap prices fluctuate. Years ago, metal yards offered much more than they do now, simply due to supply and demand. While supply has increased and demand decreased over the years, their ratio does still fluctuate.

So don’t go into a junking situation expecting to receive extremely high rates that you’ve read about historically! That being said, it’s still definitely possible to make money off your junker.

Educate yourself on current scrap metal prices. Some sites may require a membership but that can turn out to be worth it to you.

2. Appraise Your Value

Junker or not, certain types of cars are worth more than others to scrap businesses. It’s smart to familiarize yourself with those trends.

The bigger the car, the more you’ll get for it (generally). That makes sense, right? Scrap yards are looking for reusable parts and metal, so if your car is bigger than it’s likely it has more usable pieces.

For example, certain GMCs are known for their plentiful amount of reusable parts. Those models will bring in more money than others. If you have a GMC Yukon, you shouldn’t settle for less than $400 for it.

If you have a small sedan, on the other hand, you shouldn’t expect to get more than around $150 (usually less). So look into your specific car beforehand and determine its approximate junking value.

You can also educate yourself on which parts are the most valuable and why. It’s good to know! If you want cash for your junk car, don’t go into it blind!

3. Check with Multiple Buyers

Gotten an offer from a nearby scrap yard that you’re not satisfied with? Don’t worry, that happens all the time.

Just like when you’re buying a car, you should get offers and prices from multiple businesses before you decide on one. When you’re on the hunt for cash for your junker, be sure to check with multiple yards!

You may be surprised how different all of their prices are. Yes, price trends tend to be pretty similar across the board, but you never know! Maybe one junk yard is looking for certain things in particular that your car offers.

There’s a big difference between an offer of $300 and $500. So it’s worth it to check with multiple buyers before settling.

Want a quick quote on your junker? Check out our services, which include buying and selling used auto parts in Rochester, NY.

4. Ask Questions About Price Trends

Like we went over earlier, scrap prices fluctuate. If you checked price trends a few months or even weeks ago, don’t be afraid to check again! They really can change that quickly.

Don’t hesitate to ask these kinds of questions to the scrap yards you’re talking to. They should know this kind of information. It’ll also help you weed out the buyers who aren’t informed, aren’t willing, or aren’t transparent with you.

Ask about your specific car. What is it worth right now? What was it worth three months ago?

Why exactly is it worth what they’re offering? Do they predict it’ll be worth more in the near future? All of these are important and useful questions to have answered. A good, honest salvage yard should be able to fully answer them for you.

5. Make the Decision That’s Worth It, Not Just Convenient

If you’ve had your junker for years and years and you’re so ready to see it go, you may be tempted to just hawk it to the nearest place. But hold your horses!

Maybe you don’t feel like driving it a longer distance or doing whatever else is necessary, but what’s most worth it money-wise? If a scrap yard that’s farther away from you offers you a considerable amount more than a closer one, you should choose monetary value over convenience.

No matter how dirty, beat up, and worn out your junker looks, it can really benefit you. You don’t have to give it away the first chance you get. Make the decision that’s worth it for you financially, not just convenient or easy!

Also included in this is obtaining the proper ownership papers for your car. Legal salvage yards won’t buy your car unless you have proof of ownership. It may sound like a hassle, but it’s worth it if you can get paid!

You Can Get Cash for Junk Cars in Rochester, NY

If you have an old, worn out car taking up space in your life, don’t just dump it! You can get money for it!

Same goes for your neighbor’s junky eye-sore. Are you tired of looking at their broken-down car sitting stationary every day? Feel free to suggest junking it for cash!

Find the best cash for junk cars in Rochester, NY here at Northside Salvage. We’ll help make your experience quick, painless, and honest! Contact us with questions, inquiries, addresses, and information.

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