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How to locate your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

A VIN is a combination of 16 digits and letters (like a serial number) for a vehicle and is used by us to identify the exact vehicle that you own, allowing us to make the most accurate offer for your vehicle. Here’s a few places that you can locate your VIN:

  1. On the windshield. Go to the driver side of your vehicle and look at the very bottom of the windshield (from the outside of the vehicle). There’s a small area that displays the VIN.
  2. Driver’s side door. Look at the door post (where the door latches when it is closed).
  3. Under the hood
  4. On the vehicle’s title
  5. The VIN should be located on the purchase contract (if you purchased the vehicle from a dealer and still have the paperwork)
  6. Your insurance card
  7. Your registration sticker & registration card

The VIN looks similar to this below:

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