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Is My Car Junk? How to Determine if a Car Is Already Junk

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It seems like you’ve been repairing and salvaging your car over and over again. If that is the case, perhaps you already have a junk car in your possession. Although it is hard to let go of the vehicle that has served you for many years, it’s time to consider that cars do not last forever. It’s time to accept that repairs will not work for your car anymore.

If you’re unsure when to let go of your vehicle and you have no idea if you already have a junk car in possession, here are some obvious signs that you do:

Sign #1: When There’s Always Something Wrong with Your Car during Travel

It’s a total red flag if you always need to pull over to the side of the road because your car has failed you again. It may even cause you accidents if your vehicle experiences frequent breakdowns while you are driving. Vehicles that break down during travel may be because of a busted engine or an overheating radiator. 

While there’s still a chance to have it repaired, it probably won’t last you long, and the inconvenience may only recur. It’s best to discuss this with your local mechanic so that they can assess if the damage is still salvageable or you need to let go of your car entirely.

Sign #2: When the Brakes of Your Car No Longer Works Properly

If your car poses a threat to your safety, be wary because it will be a serious problem that you need to factor in when deciding whether to place your vehicle in the junk. A damaged brake that no longer serves its purpose can be your signal that you need to let go of your car. Sure, you can have it repaired if you have the budget, but brakes that have already been damaged are subject to wear and tear. If that is the case, it’s time to let go of your vehicle before it causes you some headaches and possible accidents. 

Sign #3: When Repairs Can No Longer Manage Your Car’s Damage

You have tried every repair just to salvage your car. However, you still end up going back to the repair shop because the damage is there again. Even if you have all the budget for repairs, you need to think wisely because you may be paying for repairs that don’t really do much. 

Once you’ve noticed that you keep coming back to the repair shop, you might need to consider going to the junk shop instead. Repairing severe damages in the engine, carburetor, and brakes will only lead to recurring problems. It’s a clear signal that you need to tag your vehicle as junk. 


Generally, if you’ve experienced one of these signs, that’s when you know that your car is already junk. While you can do everything to fix it because it’s hard for you to let it go, your car would probably want to rest already, especially if it has served its purpose for many years. Your mechanic can provide you with recommendations on what to do, but if they suggest that your car is already junk, entrust your car only to the best junkyards. 
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