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12 Compelling Benefits of Used Auto Parts for Your Vehicle

benefits of used auto parts

Are you refurbishing an old classic? Or has the time come for a few needed repairs on your reliable commuter?

If you’re a vehicle owner, there will come a point where you will need replacement auto parts for your vehicle. Fortunately, you have several options for buying your replacement parts. Buying new is almost everyone’s first instinct but have you considered used auto parts?

Those looking to save money or need a specific part that companies no longer make should look at used auto parts. Unfortunately, many people hesitate at this idea. Are older car parts safe and reliable?

The answer in most cases is yes. Buying used car parts for your vehicle offers many great benefits and will get your car back on the road in no time.

Interested in learning why? Here are 12 compelling reasons why you should consider used auto parts for your vehicle!

1. Used Auto Parts Save Money

Buying new auto parts for your vehicle, regardless of the make and model, can be very expensive. A specific part may only cost $10 to make but a retailer may tack on an additional 5,000% premium. Some places will do this due to convenience, availability, and their clients simply don’t know the cost.

Doing your research into used auto parts can save you hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars on parts. You can fix both new and old cars with used parts.

2. New Parts Aren’t Worth It

Do you have an older car? Imagine your trusty commuter car of 12 years old with over 125,000 miles needs a replacement transmission. You love your car and don’t want to replace it.

New transmissions can cost thousands of dollars. If your car is worth $5,000-$6,000 today, buying a new transmission doesn’t make sense. This is where a used auto part would work perfectly.

This can go for nearly any older vehicle and any part. Used auto parts will keep your older vehicle running smoothly without breaking the bank.

3. Greater Availability of Parts

Finding and buying used auto parts is easier than you might think. There are many types of vendors selling used parts including salvage yards, auto auctions, online sellers, and used parts dealers. You can find a specific part for any make, model, and year of the vehicle you have.

As you shop around for used parts, check to ensure the vendor you’re buying from is reputable and honest. There are many vendors out there who don’t sell quality used parts or will try to sell you non-working parts for a higher cost.

Look for vendors that have a good reputation in the community, experience, and have a well-established business. Most vendors with these endorsements are likely, to be honest, and reliable.

4. Find OEM Parts

OEM, which stands for original equipment manufacturer refers to parts manufactured by the original vehicle maker. OEM standards ensure that any OEM parts will work correctly with your vehicle and typically won’t void any warranties.

Third-party auto parts manufacturers can create auto parts that are similar but not identical to the part you need. This means the part may not work for your vehicle or could cause other problems.

If they have an OEM approval, this means they are identical to the part you’re replacing for your vehicle. Most used auto parts vendors sell OEM parts, both new and used. These parts will have an OEM standards label.

5. Quality Used Auto Parts

Used auto parts don’t always mean they lack quality. In reality, you can find used auto parts that are almost brand new! In some cases, you can find used parts that are better than new ones.

The only challenge with this is knowing how to find and identify a quality part. If you’re shopping online or through a reputable vendor, they will often give you the specifications of the part.

If you’re looking for salvage parts at a salvage yard, you’ll need to know how to identify and test apart to ensure it works. Many DIY mechanics and hobbyists who know what they’re looking for will visit the salvage yard.

Used parts come from used cars for a variety of reasons. If you can, avoid parts involved in serious accidents by avoiding completely totaled vehicles.

6. Affordable Parts for Foreign Vehicles

Foreign vehicles, particularly some European makes and models, can cost a fortune to service. Finding new replacement parts that fit your foreign vehicle at an affordable cost can be nearly impossible.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be. Many used auto parts vendors and junkyards have used parts available that will fit your vehicle. To make things better, they’re much more affordable than buying new from the dealership.

7. Used Auto Parts Are Eco-Friendly

Yes, buying and using used auto parts is great for the environment. The main reason is buying used parts keeps them out of the landfills. It’s a waste to throw away a perfectly working part because it’s older and used in another vehicle.

Buying new parts is worse for the environment as they require resources. This includes mining the materials, like steel, and then manufacturing the part.

Mining and manufacturing processes can and will negatively affect the environment. Buying and using used auto parts will help preserve our natural environment.

8. Find Refurbished Parts

Most reputable used parts vendors will ensure the used parts they’re selling work. If there are any imperfections or potential issues, they’ll refurbish the part for resale.

Refurbishing means the part receives a tune-up and treatment to make it almost like new. Refurbishing restores a part making it just as valuable and effective as when it was new. Due to this extra step, many vendors will price refurbished parts slightly higher than other used auto parts.

Another benefit to buying refurbished parts is you know they’ll work. Unless there’s a defect, there’s no reason a refurbished part shouldn’t work well on your vehicle.

9. Find Rare Parts

Whether you’re replacing parts on an older vehicle or a new vehicle, there’s a chance you may need a rare part.

New hybrid vehicles consist of parts you can’t always find in-stock. If you can they’re likely to be very expensive.

Old classic and rare cars may consist of parts that are no longer made. Your only choice is to have a part custom-made or find used.

You’ll likely come across a vendor or salvage yard that has whatever rare part you’re looking for. You’ll also pay far less than having a unique part custom-made or ordering it new.

If possible, you should purchase any rare parts in-person. This way you’ll make sure you’re getting the right part and you can check it out before buying it.

10. Used Parts You Can Trust

Many used auto parts are almost always safe to buy. There are also many used parts you shouldn’t buy and use as they’re too old, worn, and unsafe. You’ll have to do your research and use your best judgment on whether or not to buy a particular part.

The good news is there are several used parts you can almost always trust to be reliable. Common used parts that are safe to buy include:

Before purchasing any of these parts used, check the specifications and age of each part if available.

11. Maintain Your Older Vehicles

Restoring old classic vehicles can be a fun and exciting project. The problem most restorers face is finding the right parts for their old vehicles.

Depending on the age or rarity of the vehicle, manufacturers may no longer make specific parts. If this is the case, you can’t buy new parts, and buying used is your only option.

Great places to buy used parts for vintage vehicles include on-line, at used parts stores, salvage yards, and swap meets.

Swap meets are great places to find used parts as they’re a place where people bring used parts they no longer need to sell or swap. Many vehicle swap meets cater to classic and older cars. You’ll also meet others restoring vintage vehicles who can share some tips, tricks, and parts to help you out.

12. Consider Aftermarket Parts

What if you can’t find a used version of the part you’re looking for? Aftermarket parts are an alternative to new, used and OEM auto parts.

An aftermarket part isn’t sourced or manufactured by the original automaker. These third-party companies make parts designed to work just as well, sometimes better than the original part. As long as they’re a direct replacement part, they won’t void any of your vehicle’s warranties.

Consider Used Auto Parts Today

Do you want to save money and help the environment? Then you must consider buying used auto parts the next time you need to replace an auto part. You’ll keep your vehicle running great without having to spend a fortune!

Have questions or need to find a specific part? Come visit and check out our great selection of quality used parts!

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